References and achievements


  • We have developed and produced a device for treating surface water for the quality of drinking water under the name KASKADA. This device protects access to drinking water in crisis situations and ecological disasters. We received the Gold Medal of Poznań Poleko Fair, title Europrodukt 2002 and positive opinions of the Institute of Environmental Protection, the Center for Scientific Research of Fire Protection and the Hygienic Certificate of the National Institute of Hygiene. The device is a standard equipment of the State Fire Service in the field of protection of civilians in crisis situations, has a patent. Including the patent and PZH certificate for the mineralization of water with calcium and magnesium chlorides.
  • We have developed and conducted tests confirming the effectiveness of the device being a water filtration system that allows to close the water cycle in fish cultures and to maintain the starting water parameters.
  • We have the technology of deionizing water with conductivity below 1 us necessary for the production of colloids in nanotechnology. Water with such parameters can be used in combined heat and power plants, power plants, boiler rooms, electronics, pharmaceuticals, etc. Our study is also a comprehensive management of wastewater generated during the deionization process. The developed system allows to produce mineral fertilizer necessary in agriculture.
  • Water demineralization station for industrial plant of tractor URSUS - demineralization of water for the washing process after phosphating and electrophoretic paint, closed water circulation. Efficiency of power station max. 50 000 l/h, the conductivity of approx. . 1.0 mikrosimensa an inch.
  • Water softening station for thermal power Radom - North - water softener for boiler heat-ing network. Power plant efficiency 110,000 l/d. Aspecial resin is used which is stable against oxidation of highly chlorinated water. 
  • Handing in Technology Blue Zone ultrapure water to obtain Hydrosoft - Torun. The final recipient - pharmaceutical plant. Retrieved conductivity of de mineralized water 0.0578 mikrosimensa per centimeter. Power Station efficiency is 15 000 l/h 
  • Preparation of water for power plan. Blachownia - modified technology of demineralization of water for the boiler through the introduction of high performance resins . Power plant ef-ficiency is 200,000 l/h 
  • Closed circulation of water for washing in the chromating aluminum process. The technolo-gy is developed for the company Colorex Krakow, which is engaged in processing aluminum. Significant savings of washing water due to its demineralization and returning to the car wash. Reduction of waste water from 100 000 liters per day to 24,000 gallons per year. Returning chromate from wastewater. Power Station efficiency is 10 000 l/h 
  • Softening and demineralization of water for the boiler at the plant of trucks Daewoo Lublin. The achieved level of demineralization ofwater - 2.0 mikrosimensa conductivity per centi-meter. Power Station efficiency 50 000 l/h.
  • Station removes nitrates from the water in agricultural cooperatives Bilche. Power Station efficiency is 18 000 l/h.
  • Station water treatment - removal of iron and manganese in the conference and resort center Fuleda Park. Power station efficiency is 300 m3/day.


We present only selected projects:

  • Reckitt Benckiser Polska - nano filtration and recovery of valuable elements
  • Nitrochem S. A. - wastewater treatment after TNT production (as the only company in the world)
  • Nitro Erg S. A. - wastewater treatment after TNT production
  • Polish sugar campaign - ammonia wastewater treatment after rare juice production (as the only company in the world)
  • Purification of arsenic water - sources of drinking water
  • PGE Turów Mine - purification of mine wastewater
  • Municipal zoo in Warsaw - purification of water from biogenic compounds
  • Institute of Environmental Protection - National Research Institute - water treatment in the laboratory
  • Fuleda Park Sp. z o.o. water treatment 300m3