Our systems have been created to meet today's requirements in the field of water treatment and purification of liquids, for military and civilian applications.


All our purification, purification and treatment systems are in the form of mobile containers, which saves time in a bureaucratic sense (permission).

Target Tech Sp. z o.o.

We have pleasure to present you the technology and possibilities of TARGET TECH. Company, that possesses the most up-to-date technology and develops and builds liquid purification and water treatment stations (equipment).

All our systems are based on the application of ion exchange resins. They constitute much more advantageous solutions from the economic, performance and dimensional (size) points of view in comparison to the traditional water treatment systems applicable by now, based on gravel filter beds or reverse osmosis. Moreover, our systems meet the expected requirements in the situations where the technologies applicable by now are not effective and they cannot be applied due to technological limitations.

References and achievements

We have developed and produced a device for treating surface water for the quality of drinking water under the name KASKADA.

We have developed and conducted tests confirming the effectiveness of the device being a water filtration system that allows to close the water cycle in fish cultures and to maintain the starting water parameters.

We have the technology of deionizing water with conductivity below 1 us necessary for the production of colloids in nanotechnology.

We received the Gold Medal of Poznań Poleko Fair, title Europrodukt 2002 and positive opinions of the Institute of Environmental Protection.